Why Should Homebuyers Consider Solar Panels When Building a New Home?

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Why Should Homebuyers Consider Solar Panels When Building a New Home?

A solar system installation is one of the upgrades made by homebuyers when they move into new homes. Part of the upgrades is the solar energy system installation. As a home buyer, you may be tired of constantly paying high electricity bills or even power blackouts that keep happening. A solar panel gives you control over how you use power in your home at a low cost.

Solar panel installation is safe as solar panels meet international inspection and testing standards. Our solar company in Tampa has qualified installers who install solar panels to meet the required standards.

Here is why you should consider solar panels.

Installation Ease

It is best to install solar power during the construction phase as it is more cost-effective and straightforward than if you want to retrofit it down the line. As a home buyer, once you purchase a home, you make the changes you desire to the exterior and interior of the house before moving in. Installing the solar panel could be much easier before you move any items into this home, even though it is minimally invasive.

It will give the electricians easy access to the house’s power connections and enable them to install the panel power boxes in the appropriate locations. If you want extra power backup and storage for your home, electricians will need to install the required power cords and wires first so that you can later have the freedom to paint your walls and update the rooms as you wish.

Solar Energy is Affordable.

You can achieve your dream of transitioning to renewable energy with little to no upfront cost. Everyone who can afford to pay electricity bills monthly can also afford to install and maintain a solar panel.

Solar Loans – with solar loans, you can install your solar panels first, then start using them as you pay through a monthly payment plan with some interest.

Power Purchase Agreement – PPA is an option that allows you to purchase monthly power from the owner of the equipment at preset rates.

Saving Money

Solar panels will allow you to save a lot of money in the future, but you must take advantage of the aspect of immediate savings too. For instance, rebates and tax credits will help you save when installing the initial solar panel. You need to take advantage of the state and federal programs as they offer discounts that will reduce your costs in the long run.

The solar financing option you choose, be it a loan or lease/PPA option or cash purchase, affects your precise return on investment. All the methods have financial benefits and also offer variable timeframes that will allow you to realize your solar energy savings. If you want to learn more about electricity providers that offer green energy plans, various tools and resources can guide you.
You will likely get returns in the tens of thousands over your solar energy system’s life.  

A solar panel will also enable you to reduce traditional electricity bills, which will come in handy for you as a new home buyer. You will have a lot of bills to pay in the initial stages of staying in that home, so it will be good for you to get rid of one type of expense.

Also, electric companies have programs that pay homeowners who supply surplus energy back to the grid. For instance, If your solar panels are fetching more energy than you need in your home, you can sell the excess power back to an electric company.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, consider installing solar panels. Solar energy helps reduce the impact of several forms of power, including coal-burning plants.

A solar panel allows your roof to serve you for a more extended period. When placed on top of the roof, solar panels help protect the roof beneath them, allowing it to last longer. Roof replacement generates too much waste, but you can avoid doing it sooner by having a solar panel system installed.

Solar panels will also allow you to pair environmentally friendly products with them. For instance, you may choose to have an electric car, then be charging it with solar energy, which makes it rely totally on renewable energy, allowing you to achieve your goal of reducing your carbon footprint.

You may incur more minor charges, including energy-efficient smart home products and light bulb upgrades. Maximize the skills of the solar panel installers when they come to your home to install outlets catered to electric cars as they install newer outlets and light sockets. It will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint as you set standards on how you want the electricity used in the house from the first day you move in.