Why Should You Pursue A Career In Optometry?

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Why Should You Pursue A Career In Optometry?

Optometry is a rewarding career that not only offers job satisfaction, but also a plethora of career options via different modes of practice. By definition, optometry is a healthcare profession, which involves measuring vision. This includes basic processes such as prescribing and fitting lenses to improve vision by identifying and treating various eye diseases. This blog will give you an in-depth idea of the opportunities with an optometry course.

Scope in the field of optometry

The scope for optometric practice across the world is great and unlimited. You must be prepared to step into a dynamic and challenging career, with the sole purpose of achieving personal growth and respect from the community. Additionally, it offers job flexibility, financial success and exceptional career opportunities.

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Optometrists, also known as optometric physicians, are front line eye care and health professionals who deal with vision care. They specialise in determining refractive error in patients complaining of visual symptoms and prescribing them an appropriate solution. The basic duties include:

  • Vision screening (eye testing);
  • Orthotics and vision training;
  • Diagnosis of visual problems;
  • Optometric counselling of patients with partial sight;
  • Identify colour blindness and hereditary eye defects;
  • Designing spectacles, contact lens and vision aids;
  • Vision therapy and eye exercises to patients.

Job prospects in the field of optometry

When you are a trained professional in the optometry sector, you will be involved in creating visual defects using optical instruments. You will be specialised in conducting eye tests for a patient’s vision examination and prescribe suitable eyeglasses or contact lenses. Additionally, you are also expected to provide vision therapy and low-vision rehabilitation, on a case to case basis.

With an optometry career, you can find employment with optician showrooms, contact lens and ophthalmic lens industry, hospital eye departments and eye doctors. Furthermore, you can also seek positions as professional services executives in a multinational organisation dealing with eye care products or take up teaching as a career.

You may also choose to pursue higher education or delve into further research in the field of optometry. Working as an occupational health specialist in eye care is yet another option to follow.

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Who should pursue a career in Optometry?

If you are looking for a rewarding career that provides lucrative career opportunities, provides immense job satisfaction, offers diverse modes of practice and gives a good quality of life then knowledge of optometry is what you need.

Besides the opportunity to change lives daily, an optometry career can provide meaningful work experience. Such experiences include immediate gratification when a patient puts on their glasses or contacts, to see the difference in vision. Enjoying good relationships with both patients and clients as it is likely to receive minimal emergency calls from them.

Having a professional life as an optometrist can let you cherish flexible work schedules (full time or part-time). It open doors to diverse opportunities for independent practice by establishing your eye clinic, optical shop or lens manufacturing unit as well as the freedom to live and practice in almost any location!