5 Things To Do In Colorado

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5 Things To Do In Colorado

If you’ve never been to Colorado, it’s a must-visit city that you’ll want to see at least once in your life. Full of lovely landscapes and fascinating nature, there are many reasons to escape to this lovely land-locked state. The following are a few of the must-try experiences in Colorado: 

Enjoy everything that the city of Denver has to offer

Denver has often been compared to Austin in that it’s a fun and vibrant city, but just a little more athletic and full of adventurous people. This is all thanks to the plethora of activities available. 

Additionally, Denver shopping is always a fun experience, thanks to trendy areas in the city. Finding great eats on your reservation app is also a good idea because this city offers fabulous dining experiences as well. 

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Go hiking on nearby trails

No matter where you go in Colorado, you’ll find that nature just keeps giving, and if you love hiking, there are a plethora of hiking trails around Denver, as well as Telluride, Salida, Frisco, and beyond. National parks abound in this state, so if you’re all about being in nature, Colorado is certainly right for you. 

Download a hiking app that can help you find the trails closest to you on your trip. If you’re traveling in the summer, consider reserving a campsite for RV camping in one of the lovely places to be found in this gorgeous state. 

Rent a cabin in Estes Park

Do you want to enjoy some time in the mountains in a gorgeous destination? Estes Park is a magnificent town in the north of Colorado, relatively near to Denver, where many people escape to enjoy a tranquil setting, whether it’s summer or winter. The area is well-known for being a great place to see wildlife throughout the year. 

Mountain bike epic trails in Crested Butte and Salida

If there is one thing Colorado has, it is a lot of mountain bike trails. Mountain biking is big in these parts, and it shows with all of the amazing trails across the state, including in beautiful places like Crested Butte, Durango, and Salida. Even the outskirts of Denver boast of some fabulous mountain bike trails, so if you’re looking to have a trip in Colorado, consider renting or bringing a bike. 

Renting a great mountain bike that fits you is a little hard to come by these days because of a bike shortage around the world, so consider road tripping in your car so you can bring your own bike. 

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Book a ski vacation

If there is one thing you can do in Colorado during the winter, it’s skiing. From Aspen to Vail, there are some amazing ski resorts where you can enjoy some of the best winter sports, whether you’re a newbie or have been skiing for a while. If you’re looking for a ski destination this winter, don’t look anywhere else but Colorado—it has everything you need. 

Some places are more affordable than others, so whether you’re traveling on a budget, take time to research where is best for you. Getting a yearly ski pass may save you money, especially if you’re hoping to go often this season. 

In Conclusion

From hiking to biking, there are so many great things to enjoy while visiting Colorado. Whatever your favorite pastime is, there are plenty of opportunities for you to have fun in the state, from Durango to Denver. 

Whether it’s time spent in the great outdoors with friends or a stay in a cabin with family, there are many enjoyable things to do while visiting Colorado. If you haven’t traveled in 2021 yet, consider making Colorado your first trip of the year.