How to Improve Your Personal Style in 2021

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

Cheers to a new year and welcome to 2021! It’s a brand new chapter in your life, which is the perfect time to change up your aesthetic. Here are a few ways to improve your style in the new year for an even better you. 

Accessorize with Jewelry 

We all know what it’s like to feel like your outfit is missing something despite being dressed super chic. It’s difficult to pinpoint what exactly is amiss. Don’t fret, and find pieces of jewelry that go well with your outfit. Statement jewelry like watches for women, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more can elevate any look instantly. A jaw-dropping necklace or stunning watch will leave you feeling and looking like a million bucks. Whatever jewelry you decide to purchase, make sure you can easily mix and match it with items already in your closet. 

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New Year, New Hair

This year, don’t be afraid to experiment with your hair. 2020 was a year that demonstrated how much we take for granted and how easily life can change in an instant. If you haven’t been taking care of your hair the past couple of months, don’t worry! Not everyone had the energy to do so. Take this as the perfect opportunity to nurture it back to health with quality products and a much-needed haircut.  Remember, your hair will grow back, but you only have one life to enjoy to the fullest. However, if you’re not ready to take the plunge with your natural hair, consider purchasing a few wigs. Wigs are great to see what styles and colors look best on you without investing time or money. Plus, they’re super fun to wear!

Revamp Your Closet

Improving your personal style means freshening up your closet. Admittedly, we’re all guilty of holding on to clothes way past their lifespan. Don’t believe us? Take a look in your closet and see how many pieces are untouched due to being out of style or no longer fitting properly. The dreaded quarantine 15 took a toll on all of our bodies and it’s okay to let go of clothes you don’t wear anymore. As the saying goes, out with the old and in with the new. 

Once you’re ready to part ways with a few items in your closet, prepare yourself to visit your local thrift store. It might be difficult to let go of your once-favorite dresses and blouses, but it’s for the best. Doing this will ensure you have more room in your closet. Gently used clothing can also be sold at second-hand stores online.  If you’re having a difficult time choosing what clothes must go, it’s a good idea to narrow it down to closet staples. For example, little black dresses, white tees, a jean jacket, and black pants should be kept. 

A Complete Skincare Routine

Personal style isn’t just about looking your best. It’s also about feeling your best inside and out. A new skincare routine complete with cleanser, toner, and moisturizer will do just that. A skincare routine will help your skin look radiant, young, and healthy. Take care of your skin and it’ll reward you. 

Understandably, a three-step or more routine seems like a lot of work for those with busy schedules. We promise you that it’s worth it. All you need is a couple of extra minutes in the morning and at night to help you freshen up. Don’t think of this as another chore you have to force yourself to do but as a lifestyle upgrade. Take this as an opportunity to have some much-needed downtime as you massage your face with your products. If you don’t know where to begin your skincare journey, consider purchasing a monthly beauty subscription or build your own routine. 

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Create a Mood Board

A mood board is a perfect way to grow toward who you want to be in 2021. Gather images of fashion icons or pieces that inspire you and stick them right on your mood board. Besides a quick image search on your internet browser, you can also use Pinterest to find amazing images. This is especially beneficial if you don’t know what your personal style is. With pictures to guide you, you’ll develop your brand in no time! 

The new year is in full swing and we’re ready to move boldly in the direction of our dreams. Are you?