3 Tips on Planning your First YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

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In This Article, We Are Going To Discuss Tips on Planning your First YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

Marketers now rely heavily on video to generate excitement for their product, service, or brand.

Why Not? And Why Not?

Video marketing is an efficient and highly effective way to deliver your message to the world. Most people prefer to watch a video rather than read a text. In fact, people around the world spend over 6 billion hours watching videos online every month. It is nearly an hour for every human on the planet. Another fun fact: YouTube video sharing is Google’s second most used search engine.

YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

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Integrating video marketing to the internet

In this digital era, video marketing is time-efficient and cost-effective, because it takes little time and often is free to upload promotional video. Video marketing was traditionally used for television ads, but today, using the Internet, anyone can easily upload a video on YouTube and search for ways to make that video viral.

Companies can also purchase advertising spaces or simply post their video on their own site. Everything could sound easy, but video marketing is not simply a matter of uploading videos; 5 aspects of Youtube video marketing are present and they need a lot of work. Those include strategic planning, development, post-production, and distribution.

The Conceptual Phase

Video is an exciting marketing tool that can be used to transmit a message that most likely ensures an emotional response from viewers. But not all video content is suitable for all types of audiences. Strategic planning is critical to clarifying the goals and setting the stage for how the video will develop before creating a video. You must first define the intent of the endeavor.

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What do you want to accomplish? Choose one primary goal and create a strategy. This also allows you to determine what your message is. The video should be designed to send the audience a simple and concise message.

Define your hearing

To achieve our core objective, you have to know who your target market is first. Marketing efforts often fail because they do not target their viewers, so their content seemed to them either irrelevant or too broad. Make sure that your goal is aligned with the most important people in your business: your potential clients.

Building a buyer persona will make things easier for you. Determine your customers’ imaginary profiles by determining their age, sex, income and interests. By doing so, you will reduce your needs and desires and foresee what content is appropriate for you. In addition, you can choose which platform you are supplying your video YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, blogs or your own website. The sharing the video to website will increase the traffic to your Youtube videos as the blues and bullets research shows.

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Make a map of your progress

Plan also includes budgeting and determining the number of funds you would like to invest in this effort. Your budget will help you to determine your limitations throughout the process.

Make sure you have set a schedule and have insurance provisions for unexpected incidents. You should also predetermine your marketing and distribution strategy in this stage. Remember, the best plans always look forward.

Once you have a plan for your video and a specific goal, you must continue the creative phase of the process. The second element of video marketing, pre-production, is the planning process. What occurs before the video is actually captured is important for the overall shooting success.

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Video creation is a lot of work to do. You need to figure out everything you need and assemble it before proceeding.

Remember, pre-planning is the best defense against unforeseen problems and delays. Pre-production deals with the logistics of video production and focuses on a wide range of work, including writing scripts, creating storyboards, planning production, determining your equipment needs, finding locations, lining up your talents, including the cast and crew, getting supplies and props, as well as the selection of wardrobes.

3 Tips on Planning your First YouTube Video Marketing Campaign

Below are some tips on how to make the most of your phase of preparation.

1. Get your storyboard and script prepared before anything else.

You’ve already conceptualized what your video wants to convey and how you want to do it in the planning phase. Make that the basis for writing your storyboard and script. Sometimes the script may have been written at this stage, but it will need to be revised.

If you’re not confident about your script, you might want to get a professional input that will require extra cost, but might be worth it because it will play a huge part in your production.

In the meantime, making your storyboard doesn’t require you to be a professional artist. You can either use sketches or clippings to create the scenes in your script. A storyboard is important because it helps you imagine the scene by scene rundown of the film, so you have an invaluable guide on how to shoot, so you can make the required changes beforehand.

2. Build a Shot List

A list of shots is simply a detailed shot-by-shot breakdown of each scene. This is normally achieved using Microsoft Excel by creating a table consisting of three columns: scene number, position by comprehensive summary. Unlike a storyboard that only shows visuals, the list of shots shows the specifics of each scene, such as what props should be used, how the camera lights should be placed, and the number of crews that need to be present.

3. Come on with a production schedule

Creating a production plan or a shooting plan, as it is often called, should decide the overall production workflow and guide the process in the right direction. The following information should be included in the schedule: location, scene or shooting, equipment needed, people shot, contact information, and the date and time of the shooting.

Getting all these vital information written on paper will help you monitor the flow of output, manage expectations, address issues and involve all the people who are crucial to the success of your video production.

Planning ahead of time, and having everything you need before the actual production, will allow you to deal with unexpected elements-whether conflict scheduling, the uncertainty of scenes, unavailability of location or lack of equipment-and that will eventually take you closer to achieving your target.

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