Top Most Trending Hashtags in twitter for 2020

Rohan Mathew

Updated on:

The trend of using hashtag on twitter was brought into concept a long time ago when twitter was at the start of getting popularity and not much people were aware of this site. It is a symbol ‘#’ which throws importance of any subject in a tweet in world of social media. It basically is used before any keyword or any important phrase which then shows the tweet on search bar.

This is the fastest and most effective way of getting more followers on twitter as it categorizes whatever tweet you make to an important subject which is easily publicized and the tweet makes its way to the twitter search.

  • Hashtags for creating trend list:

On twitter all the trending concepts are shared and discussed much by others as these trends are created automatically via a process that tries to identify all the ideas and topics which are discussed more by audience on this social site. When you use hashtags in your tweets twitter automatically starts to link connections between trending topics of today with previous ones. This makes a list of trends which is used for a purpose of highlighting issues or promoting something.

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  • Trending tags this year:

It is not necessary to use it at the end of tweet but it can be used as a caption for videos and photos you upload on your account. Usually people use the common hashtags for entertainment, fun, travel, party, food. While some use it for marketing purposes and before putting any quote to their tweet. Each day a new hashtag is seen to be trending on Twitter and following are the most trending topics on twitter which has gained much attention of people all around the world;

  • New year tags:

With the start of this New Year, a millions of users of twitter started tweeting about their New Year resolutions.  Greetings to followers and public audience were made on public accounts by following the trend #Newyear2020, #HappyNewYear, #NewBegginings2020.

  • India Elections:

In the start of this year the hashtags related to India parliamentary elections were trend second on twitter search. After likes, hashtags is a very vital tool for giving fame and promoting anything in just hours. Tags like #BJP2020, #BJPelections, #SupportModi were seen in most of the tweets created by Indian users. Though the elections didn’t go in favor of BJP party this time but people showed full support by promoting tweets by putting related keywords with hashtags.

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  • Coronavirus Breakdown:

The word coronavirus is getting much hype these days as it is a type of virus which has hit our planet and is spreading really fast. It has caused a multiple number of casualties. World’s top most doctors are making research on this issue and interact with the public on twitter to take all the necessary precautionary measures as the vaccine to this virus is still not developed. Twitter these days is filled with tags like #COVID19, #Coronapocolypse, #stayhome etc. A large number of people retweet the photos and information related to this global problem to spread as much awareness as they can.